30-Mar-2010All month

Frank made the fatal mistake of pushing his luck with a trade on red beans and suffered from Steve for the rest of the game! Joe did well on his first game of Bohnanza. Everyone was surprisingly close in their scores and no-one bought a 3rd field. Little other skullduggery occurred.
Scores: Steve 13, Oggie 11, Paul 10, Joe 10, Chrissy 9, Frank 8
Ratings: Steve 8, Oggie 8, Paul 8, Joe 7, Chrissy 8, Frank 7
Winner(s): Steve


Scores: Steve 106, Paul 87, Chrissy -14
Ratings: Steve 7, Paul 8, Chrissy 5
Winner(s): Steve


Frank scored this game lower than normal as it was pretty pedestrian until the end of the game when outbreaks nearly reached pandemic point. The Epidemics that nearly put us in Danger occurred in the Red and Black Disease areas of the board. No Disease was completely eradicated. Oggie cured all but one of the diseases as his Role allowed a cure on 4 cards instead of 5.

*NOTE* Frank had to enter scores of 4, for the fact we co-operatively cleared 4 diseases, as the system will not allow a blank or 0 score for a game where you all win or all lose...
Scores: Oggie 4, Frank 4, Joe 4
Ratings: Oggie 8, Frank 7, Joe 7
Winner(s): Oggie, Frank, Joe


Scores: Chrissy 5, Steve 4, Paul 3
Ratings: Chrissy 8, Steve 8, Paul 8
Winner(s): Chrissy