Average rating 4.50 BGG average rating 6.15
Last played 8-Feb-2004 Players 2 - 2
Total plays 1 Designer Corn; é van Moorsel
Weight 1 Year 0
Playing Time 20 mins BGG Entry BoardGameGeek

Player # plays # wins Average rating Last played
Andy 1 0 4.00 8-Feb-2004
Tel 1 1 5.00 8-Feb-2004

40 cards of flowers (5 colors, 1-8 flowers on each card) are placed in a 5x8 grid. Both players collect flower cards with their pawn by moving across the grid following two rules: 1) pawns may never move backwards, but may turn 90 degrees before movement; 2) each collected card has to show fewer flowers than the last collected card of that color. Scoring rewards big collections of one color.

Online Play

http://www.mastermoves.eu/ (turn-based)
http://www.onlinebrettspiele.de/ (AI)