Average rating 7.41 BGG average rating 5.96
Last played 8-Dec-2013 Players 2 - 6
Total plays 19 Designer Uwe Rosenberg
Weight 1 Year 2001
Playing Time 45 mins BGG Entry BoardGameGeek

Player # plays # wins Average rating Last played
Andy 14 2 6.93 5-Jun-2009
Anne 2 0 7.50 20-Dec-2005
Boog 15 5 7.73 5-Jun-2009
Chrissy 2 0 6.50 5-Jun-2009
Frank 2 0 7.00 5-Jun-2009
Oggie 14 5 7.64 8-Dec-2013
Paul 18 5 7.33 8-Dec-2013
Steve 12 2 7.58 8-Dec-2013
Tel 17 5 7.41 8-Dec-2013

A color based card game where players try to track the number of cards played in each color vs. a limit card with maximums for each color. Successful challenges result in points for the winner and penalties for the loser.

Game Summary
Deal each player 5 cards (show one of 5 colors), then reveal the top Limit Card. Limit Cards specify limits (0 - unlimited) for the number of allowable cards in each of the 5 colors. Players place one of their cards face down in front of them -- these will modify the limits, adding one per card played this round. In turn order, players either challenge a previous player's play, or play card(s).

Challenging: may "call" any player's last played card. Figure out which card they played last, and count how many of those cards have been discarded. Reveal all face-down cards and add those matching that color to the limit on the Limit Card. If the total exceeds the Limit, you get +1 VP and the challenged gets -2 VP; otherwise, vice versa.

After resolving a Challenge, flip discard pile face down and place under draw deck WITHOUT shuffling. Players return their Limit-modifying card to hand; reveal a new Limit card and play again (player who got the -2 VP plays first).

Playing Card(s): place a card to the discard pile, then draw a card. OR, if you have a set of 4 matching cards, you may draw 2, then discard 2 of the matches and place the other 2 matches on top of the draw deck; take a +1 VP card bonus.

Game ends after all Limit cards have been played; most VP wins!

This is the game that nearly killed Tel. Whilst recovering in hospital from surgery on his stomach we played this and he laughed so much he thought he'd reopened the wound.