Average rating 7.25 BGG average rating 6.37
Last played 8-Oct-2011 Players 2 - 6
Total plays 16 Designer Dirk Henn
Weight 2 Year 1999
Playing Time 30 mins BGG Entry BoardGameGeek

Player # plays # wins Average rating Last played
Andy 11 2 7.18 13-Feb-2007
Anne 2 0 5.50 24-Dec-2000
Boog 6 2 6.33 16-Nov-2004
Chrissy 1 0 8.00 8-Oct-2011
Frank 2 1 7.00 8-Oct-2011
Gloria 1 0 7.00 17-Jul-2001
Martin(Boogs Mate) 1 0 6.00 16-Jun-2001
Oggie 13 3 7.54 8-Oct-2011
Paul 15 6 7.67 8-Oct-2011
Steve 7 0 6.57 18-Mar-2008
Tel 13 2 7.69 8-Oct-2011

Similar to Streetcar, Tsuro, Tantrix and Spaghetti Junction, this game has players putting square tiles onto the board to form rail lines. The major difference in this game, however, is that players are not striving to make short, direct routes like those sought in Streetcar. Instead, the object of the game is to make the rail lines as long as possible. Players start with a number of trains ringing the board. Whenever a tile placement connects a train to a station (either on the edge or the center of the board), that train is removed and the player scores one point for each tile that the route crosses, which can cause one tile to score multiple times if the track loops around. However, players score double for city connections, which are the stations in the center of the board.

The game was originally issued as Iron Horse (not to be confused with Iron Horse).

Re-implemented by:

Cable Car