Average rating 6.60 BGG average rating 6.50
Last played 10-Sep-2006 Players 0 - 0
Total plays 4 Designer Corn; é van Moorsel
Weight 3 Year 0
Playing Time 45 mins BGG Entry BoardGameGeek

Player # plays # wins Average rating Last played
Andy 2 1 6.50 10-Sep-2006
Boog 2 0 7.00 15-Jul-2003
Kev 1 0 8.00 29-Oct-2002
Oggie 2 1 7.00 15-Jul-2003
Paul 3 1 7.00 10-Sep-2006
Steve 2 0 4.50 10-Sep-2006
Tel 3 1 6.67 10-Sep-2006

The object of the game is for the players to connect cities (gray hexes) via trade routes. These trade routes will pass through the various economic regions of Morisi: farmland (yellow), pastures (orange), wineries (red), timberland (green) and fisheries (blue). Before trade routes can be built, the players must gain knowledge about these various region types by traveling through them with their pawn. As cities are connected by trade, the players’ success is represented by the size and number of their trading houses in the connected cities.

A multi-player reimplementation of:


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