Average rating 7.33 BGG average rating 5.93
Last played 29-Oct-2001 Players 2 - 2
Total plays 3 Designer Hartmut Kommerell
Weight 2 Year 1999
Playing Time 20 mins BGG Entry BoardGameGeek

Player # plays # wins Average rating Last played
Paul 3 2 7.33 29-Oct-2001
Tel 3 2 7.33 29-Oct-2001

The Bambuti tribe has an annual competition where the villagers bring their most valuable family belongings--large, richly engraved wooden masks--which are constantly pushed back and forward among the participants until the sound of the jungle drums abruptly stops. Who has the most valuable mask?

The players play mask cards with different values and colors in front of them trying to capture the opponent's most valuable masks and gain the most points when the game ends.

2 player card game from Adlung, all about masks.