Garden Gnomes Society (Gartenzwerge e.V.)
Average rating 5.78 BGG average rating 5.73
Last played 27-Sep-2005 Players 2 - 6
Total plays 2 Designer Roman Mathar
Weight 3 Year 2004
Playing Time 60 mins BGG Entry BoardGameGeek

Player # plays # wins Average rating Last played
Andy 1 0 8.00 21-Oct-2004
Boog 1 0 5.00 27-Sep-2005
Oggie 2 1 5.00 27-Sep-2005
Paul 2 0 7.50 27-Sep-2005
Steve 1 0 3.00 27-Sep-2005
Tel 2 0 5.50 27-Sep-2005

The president of the garden gnome breeders society “Golden Cap” has passed on, and now the hunt for a worthy successor is on. The highly coveted presidency will go to the first society member who succeeds at breeding a gnome with a golden cap or buying one for 4000 Petals. To this end, the society members busily bid on gnomes for breeding, send them to beauty contests or – of course – to work in the garden. Who will be the first to breed a golden-capped gnome?