Top oder Flop
Average rating 5.00 BGG average rating 5.70
Last played 20-Oct-2006 Players 2 - 5
Total plays 1 Designer Martin Schlegel
Weight 2 Year 2006
Playing Time 30 mins BGG Entry BoardGameGeek

Player # plays # wins Average rating Last played
Oggie 1 0 5.00 20-Oct-2006
Paul 1 0 5.00 20-Oct-2006
Tel 1 1 5.00 20-Oct-2006

Five movies are being produced, and players each have a more or less high investment in them. Players with high investment play cards to increase the movie's success, while your opponents may play the same cards to ensure its failure.

Cards can influence one or two movies, or they can cause other cards to be moved from the "Top" side to the "Flop" side or vice-versa.

The player who has the most investment in the most successful movies is the winner.

5 movies and you're trying to make them all flop. Of course this isn't how its supposed to be played, this is the Piddinghoe variant. From the garden gnome people.