Courtisans of Versailles
Average rating 5.70 BGG average rating 5.77
Last played 2-Oct-2001 Players 3 - 6
Total plays 2 Designer Philippe Mouchebeuf
Weight 2 Year 1998
Playing Time 120 mins BGG Entry BoardGameGeek

Player # plays # wins Average rating Last played
Andy 2 0 5.50 2-Oct-2001
Oggie 2 0 5.50 2-Oct-2001
Paul 2 1 6.50 2-Oct-2001
Steve 2 1 5.50 2-Oct-2001
Tel 2 1 5.50 2-Oct-2001

Amid the lavish splendor of the palace of Versailles, players strive to improve their standing among their fellow courtiers. Their mark, with either the Queen or Louis XIV himself, depends on how they manipulate elevated forms of etiquette, repartie, and the true passion of the court...The high art of ridicule. Circumstances change as the court moves from the palace to the hunt, and possibly to the front if war breaks out. Titles, awards, vast fortunes can be amassed through whim and wit, but be aware that a devastating faux pas could find you banished to the colonies, or worse yet, land you in the notorious dungeons of la Bastille.

The original version, Aristo, published by Dragon Radieux, accommodated up to 8 players. The later version only allows for 6.