13-Jul-2004All month

After last weeks enjoyable game of citadels, we decided to try it again, this time with all 6 of the regular players. Once again we used all the original characters except the thief which was replaced by the tax collector. Neither Oggie nor Boog had played the game in over 2 years so needed a refresh on the rules before we started.

Boogs only real memory of his last game was in taking the King to try and get a shot at the better characters only to be assassinated each time. He neednít have worried as Steve took the King in the first round and held onto it for the next 3. Since we were playing the variant where turn order reverses if the king doesnít move, this didnít stitch too many people up. Oggie was assassinated early on and had a hand full of big cards so couldnít build too many. Just as he was gearing up to build 1, Boog used the magician to steal his hand. As Boog was saving to start building, Steve used the magician to swap cards. Before Steve had had chance to build any of them Oggie completed the circle by stealing his cards back. As Andy, Paul and Steve all hit 4 cards (we were only playing to 7) the assassin started to hit the Architect almost every round. Andy was the first player to get to 6, only to find Steves Warlord knocking him back to 5. This gave the advantage to Steve and Paul who had both moved up to 6. Steve was the first to build his seventh building closely followed by Paul. Paul had got the bigger buildings in play, and took the win. Oggie had eventually managed to build a couple of his starting hand, and was able to sneak third from Tel by a point. Despite being the first to 6 buildings Andy had to make do with a share of last with Boog.

This game was a major disappointment after last weeks game. The extra 2 players prolonged the game beyond its welcome. With four last week there was little downtime and the game run along at a happy pace finishing in under an hour, tonights game on the other hand seemed to drag on, and took about 90 mins to complete. There is nothing to do whilst each player chooses their character, and waiting for 5 players to do this seemed like an eternity. I still like citadels but donít think Iíd want to play it again with more than 4, which is just as well because judging from some of the ratings from the game I suspect we may not be able to persuade a couple of players to give it another go.
Scores: Paul 29, Steve 25, Oggie 19, Tel 18, Andy 15, Boog 15
Ratings: Paul 7, Steve 6, Oggie 6, Tel 7, Andy 7, Boog 5
Winner(s): Paul