23-Oct-2004All month
Der Untergang von Pompeji

Like football, this is a game of two halves. Unlike football, half of it involves fleeing from lava leaking out of a volcano. The first half of the game involves placing people in various buildings throughout the city. This is driven by a set of cards, which dicate the colour of the building you can place a man in. This placement may in turn allow an extra man or two to be placed in another building of either the same or a neutral colour. Once the volcano card is drawn, the first half of the game ends. The cards are discarded, among with any people who have not yet been placed. The second half consists of placing a lava tile into the city and then trying to flee one or more of your people towards the nearest exit. The lava tile will hopefully eat or trap one or more of your opponents people. Anybody who gets out of the city counts towards your final score. Anybody who does not is fed to the volcano.

Id heard reports that the first half of the game was pretty dull. Some went as far as describing it as boring. None of us found it a big problem though. However, the second half was definately more interesting with the dual decisions of who to move and where to lay. Tel immediately declared it a tremendous game, and his favourite of the show so far. If it hadn been for his concerns about his weight limit he would definately have picked up a copy. Oggie had no such concerns though, and grabbed one before the day was out.
Scores: Paul 6, Tel 6, Andy 5, Oggie 5
Ratings: Paul 8, Tel 8, Andy 8, Oggie 8
Winner(s): Tel