23-Oct-2004All month
Flix Mix

No trip to Essen is complete without picking up a game or two from Adlung. Most of them prove to be so-so, but every now and then one proves to be a really good game. This years purchases were Flix Mix and Im Auftrag des Königs. Flix Mix is basically speed lego. Each person is dealt a set of cards, each of which has six coloured dots on. The aim of the game is to get rid of all of your cards by placing at least two dots over the same coloured dots on a card which has already been placed on the table. One card is placed to start the game, then everybody plays their cards at the same time, as fast as they can. A round ends when somebody has placed all of their cards. Each correctly placed card scores a point, with invalid lays fetching a penalty. Play as many rounds as there are players.

That's it? Yep, that's it. It may appeal to people who enjoy fast reaction or pattern spotting games but nothing stellar there. It certainly didn't do a vast amount for us.

Scores: Tel 0, Paul -11, Andy -12, Oggie -12
Ratings: Tel 5, Paul 6, Andy 5, Oggie 4
Winner(s): Tel