25-Mar-2005All month

Once again, we played with the variant which reverses the direction of play if the king doesn't move. We also removed the assassin, which many of the group think spoils the game. We always play to one less building than suggested in the rules. We were rewarded with a clean sweep of 7 ratings. Either we've figured out how to take the sting out of the game, or its detractors are starting to warm to it.

As usual, we had a few tit for tat exchanges and good natured pouts from Andy when he was "unfairly" targetted. We also saw the Warlord pressed into demolition duty on a regular basis. Thus most people were at or about the game ending building limit at the end. Oggie and Tel managed to stack up more bonus scores to push them ahead of the chasing pack, with Oggie taking the win by a narrow margin.

Steve suffered appalling luck with his targetting of the Merchant, being in the discard pile every time he targetted him. Of course, every time he took the merchant he lost either his cash, a card or his turn.
Scores: Oggie 27, Tel 25, Andy 21, Paul 20, Steve 18
Ratings: Oggie 7, Tel 7, Andy 7, Paul 7, Steve 7
Winner(s): Oggie