26-Apr-2005All month
Der Untergang von Pompeji

On the first outing of this, back at Essen, Oggie draw the vast majority of the Omen cards, and hence had a big lead going into the second part of the game. Where upon everyone else conspired to make sure he didn't capitalise on his lucky draw of cards, allowing Tel to sneak the victory.

In this game, a full 6 months after the original game, we had a very similar situation. This time Tel was the recipient of the lucky draws, seeing over half of the omen cards. Since he saw the last 4 omen cards to come out, he had a hefty people advantage as the volcano erupted. Not surprisingly he was hit wherever possible, as the lava made its way through the city. And in a case of perfect symmetery it was Oggie who profited the most and claimed victory.
Scores: Oggie 8, Paul 7, Steve 6, Tel 6
Ratings: Oggie 9, Paul 7, Steve 7, Tel 8
Winner(s): Oggie