11-Sep-2005All month
David and Goliath

The cards fell right for Steve, as he managed to lead almost from the start. He was blessed throughout with low cards and so scored consistently in each round. Paul did manage to overtake him by a small margin after the fourth round, but Steve recaptured his lead in the fifth and final round.

As normal, this one went down well with the Piddinghoe crowd. The game forces you to walk a figurative tightrope, as the only way to achieve a truly high score is to take no more than two cards of a colour. As all cards taken are visible, it is usually not too difficult to throw a card into the trick to take somebody over the magic two card limit to three card obvivion.
Scores: Steve 278, Paul 274, Andy 205, Tel 185, Boog 157
Ratings: Steve 7, Paul 8, Andy 7, Tel 7, Boog 7
Winner(s): Steve