13-Sep-2005All month
Der Untergang von Pompeji

Pompeji the board game. Capitalising on the four player contingent we got Pompeji the board game out. This is a game of two halves. The first half you spend playing cards to place your meeples on to the board and the second half sees people placing lava tiles onto the board to try and trap your opponents whilst desperately trying to get your own meeples out of the town before it gets buried.

Boog claimed ignorance of this game so that explains his pitiful performance although to be fair he drew three Omen cards on the trot and put all of his opponents into the volcano which did nothing to endear him to us. He also capitalised on some handy card draws to jump into several buildings with two meeples in and after initial setup he was strongest with the most meeples on the board. My experience of this game is that this can be disadvantageous as a) you gain a big target on your head for all the other players to see and b) you can get distracted trying to get all your meeples out instead of concentrating on ensuring some get out. This can lead to devastation if you are not careful. Which is what we saw with the Boog. The target tended to draw the lava his way.

In the end Andy was faced with a tricky decision to trash Tel or Oggie and this may have given Oggie a clear victory instead of driving the game to a tie break. A great game, possibly a bit fiddly on the setup with all that mucking about with the cards but nontheless a bit of chaos and plenty of stuff your neighbour up, 8/10 all round.
Scores: Oggie 8, Tel 7, Andy 5, Boog 4
Ratings: Oggie 8, Tel 8, Andy 8, Boog 8
Winner(s): Oggie