29-Nov-2005All month

Steve was obviously just toying with us in this game. He didn't move his pawn at all. He told us he wasn't moving his pawn at all. We mercilessly stole from him in the last two rounds. And he *still* came second!

Usually when we play this game, the final scoring round is so big compared to the others that the first three rounds are almost redundant. Not so in this game. Only 35 points seperated first to third places. I would have said that this was down to all of us getting a similarly large score in the last round due to all of us stealing from Steve. Obviously though, Steve didn't steal from himself. Or if he did, he cheated.

And cheating, as we all know, is Andy's job. I don't think we can level any such claims in this game though as he limped in last. Badly last. Interesting that he's the only one of us who is a member of a casino. I can only hope that he has better luck in a real casino than in Brunos virtual one. We don't want to be hearing any stories about him being shirtless, that's for sure.

 Comment by Tel 
Arrrgggghhhh!!! Tel puts his hands over his ears and eyes but too late. A vision of a shirtless Andy, enough to give the FF monster a nightmare.

 Comment by Andy 
Either Steve is some twisted evil genius or he blatently doesnt get this game. The only reason he came second is because he was obviously trying to lose that I decided to give him lots of points and come last myself. So there !!!!

 Comment by Paul 
You were wearing a shirt when you posted that, yes?

 Comment by Boog 
All I can say here is D'oh.
I just couldn't *believe* Steve would *really* stay still the whole game, so I missed out on quite a lot of cash by trying to predict where other people were going to be. And failing.
Scores: Oggie 965, Steve 945, Paul 930, Tel 835, Boog 500, Andy 160
Ratings: Oggie 7, Steve 7, Paul 8, Tel 7, Boog 7, Andy 7
Winner(s): Oggie