12-Feb-2006All month
Street Soccer

Games day for February was kicked of with a game of streetsoccer. Tel and Andy had played the first minute of the game when Steve arrived. Since Andy needed to get on with preparing the Sweet and Sour Pork for later (and lovely it was too) Steve took over Andys team.

The players of both teams got dragged out to the wings, leaving gaping holes down the middle of the park, Tels players then all got caught chasing the ball up field, leaving only his keeper in his own half. Steve took full advantage and scored a few goals before Tel managed to persuade one of his players to try defending. Unfortunately it was too late by then with Steve keeping a 2 goal advantage in an open 8 goal thriller.

 Comment by Andy 
Strictly speaking I think that I won this cos:

a) I set the starting position which clearly gave Steve the advantage
b) I made the initial move for red which clearly gave Steve the advantage

Scores: Steve 5, Tel 3
Ratings: Steve 7, Tel 7
Winner(s): Steve