12-Mar-2006All month
Zug um Zug

Last game of the short games day was Ticket to Ride. Kev hadn't played before so he needed a run though of the rules.

Kev kept all three of his opening tickets and was laying track early and regularly into the middle of the map, but didnt seem too concerned about joining them all up. Andy was obviously feeling threatened by Kevs presence in the middle of the map as it wasnt long before he started laying tracks again in the middle. Paul and Tel were drawing cards all the while, Paul almost exclusively from the draw pile and Tel almost exclusively from the face up cards. Tel was the first of the two to start laying cards, and had almost played across the whole top edge before Paul started playing, along the bottom edge. Kev had managed to connect most of his tracks together towards the end game, but his tracks were mainly short routes so he hadnt picked up many VPs along the way. Andy had faired much better, whilst he was also restricted to the centre of the map, he had managed to grab some of the longer connections to score a few points. Tel and Paul between them had almost managed top completely circle the board with only the Portland to Frisco connection missing. Both Tel and Andy drew extra tickets during the game, successfully for Andy, but it transpired that the game ended 1 turn too early for Tel. Not that it would've affected the final scores, Pauls southern route ammassed plenty of points as was almost enough for the win without his successful tickets.

We haven't played this enough (where have I heard that before). Everyone was concentrating entirely on their own game, but I suspect that we should've been keeping a wary eye on what everyone else was doing. Both Tel and Paul were given free runs at their long routes without having to worry at all about being blocked. I still think I prefer the European map with this many players, but I am keen to try the US map with just 2 as I have heard thats when the game really comes into its own.

 Comment by Andy 
No I wasn't succesful but was only 1 turn away from completing a 4th route. I lost 14 points as a result. I could have sworn I won though :D
Scores: Paul 131, Tel 99, Andy 92, Kev 61
Ratings: Paul 8, Tel 8, Andy 8, Kev 8
Winner(s): Paul