14-Mar-2006All month
David and Goliath

With half an hour to fill before the end of the evening, a card game was called for. We just had time for a couple of rounds.

This one always goes over well, as it provides lots of opportunities to see people shot down in flames. however, there can be problems if a player has all middling cards. This happeend to both Oggie and Steve in the first round, with neither of them getting far into the double figure mark. Well, they claimed that that was the problem anyway, and that it wasn't just due to being a bit cack.

The second round saw them both with better cards - or remembering how to play properly. Somehow, Oggie even managed to score highest of anybody in this round. All to no avail though as Andy scored consistently well across both rounds to claim a narrow vicroty from Paul.

Scores: Andy 128, Paul 120, Tel 103, Oggie 92, Boog 85, Steve 54
Ratings: Andy 7, Paul 7, Tel 7, Oggie 7, Boog 7, Steve 7
Winner(s): Andy