23-May-2006All month
Der Untergang von Pompeji

We joked before we started that we should just give all of the Omen cards to Oggie and save the bother of shuffling them into the deck. And sure enough, he ended up getting five out of the seven drawn. That's the third time he's drawn more than half of them all by himself. And we've only played three times!

As Steve was having the most success getting relatives onto the board, he bore the brunt of sacrifies to the volcano. In fact, come the end of the game, he almost had two in the volcano for every one rescued. All of us in fact had more killed than saved. Except Oggie, of course.

The first half of this game is almost something to be endured, offering little to whet the appetite for the average Piddinghoe gamer. Well, nothing that is except for the opportunity to remove opponents pieces with great relish. However, the second half makes up for it in spades. "Hmm, a bit with a scroll. Now where should I put it? Here, out of harms way? Or over here, where it's unlikely to block an exit. Or perhaps here, where it destroys four people! Mwaaaahahaha". Cue the sound of burning people. Perhaps we should just randomly seed the board in future and get straight into the destruction.

A suprisingly close game in the end, with Oggie taking victory with one only point over everybody else. Despite getting all of the Omen cards.
Scores: Oggie 7, Paul 6, Andy 6, Steve 6
Ratings: Oggie 8, Paul 7, Andy 7, Steve 7