30-May-2006All month

A rare special guest appearence by Anne on a Tuesday night brought the numbers up to 5 tonight. Paul picked the first game and decided on Citadelles. This is one of the games that in the past has received very di-polar reactions. Whilst Tel, Paul and Steve were huge fans, with Oggies, Andy and Boog were less so. To the extent that Andy and Boog had scored previous games a 2.

The assassasin was the major bug bear in previous games, hence this was the first card cut to be replaced by the witch from the expansion, along with a few others. What a sensible gropup would've done was explain what the powers of each of the characters in play did before we started, but of course we didn't. Boogs major gripe with the game is that he always seems to be targetted by the theif or the assassin/witch. And just to make him feel at home Anne immediately managed to single him out with the witch. Being the start player, Oggie managed to take the replacement for the merchant, without the rest of us knowing what the card was or what it did. This card allows you to build a building for free, as long as you could afford to build it. Once everyone realised what it did, it became the target of choice for the witch or thief. Howeevr everyone knew this so avoided it. The only player who did risk it a couple of times was Oggie and amazingly he got away with it both times. The man is either a supreme reader of the game, Psychic or extremely lucky (answers on a postcard to Luckiest Man in the World Competition ...). Boogs luck wasn't improving as Paul finally managed to catch somebody with the thief at the third time of asking, no prizes for guessing who. And just before Boog was finally able to build something Oggie stole his cards and scuppered that plan. Both Tel and Paul rushed to build 4 buildings but at the expense of all their cash and most of their hand of cards, so had to juggle taking cards and cash for a few rounds. Oggie was a clear leader by this point as he'd managed to build some large buildings without actually paying for them. Boog fianlly got a bit of luck and managed to steal from Paul, and build his first building, but before he could get too complacent managed to thieve his cash before the end of the game. Anne meanwhile had been quietly amassing quite a heap of cash. As the game approached the end she managed to build a "free" large building. Paul and Oggie were on the brink of finishing the game, with Paul just getting their first. Tel skipped a couple of builds to ammass enough cash for a final charge, to be thwarted by Annes last round thief, that left Tel floundering and Left Anne with 12 cash at the end.

Oggie claimed a win that didn't look in much danger from about the mid point, with Paul doing well to get within 5 points. Annes strong finish was enough for 3rd. No real surpise after the bad start hge got that Boog came in last, though he wasnt too far behind Tel.

The ratings for this seemed to have settled down with the Big fans of the game dropping ther ratings to 7 and Oggie from the lower raters raining his rating to 7. Of course Boog still marked it low.

 Comment by Boog 
What can I say? I'm either supremely unskilled at this game, or very unlucky. During the first few turns I had, respectively, my turn, my money or my cards nicked off me.
After that, I'd kind of lost the will to play any more. Given that I rather dislike this game anyway (my third worst ranked game ever), there wasn't a huge incentive for me to make much effort past the half way mark, especially as I managed to get my first building out around the time everyone else was pushing out their fourth or fifth.

What can I say?
Let's never ever play this again!

Scores: Oggie 27, Paul 22, Anne 19, Tel 14, Boog 11
Ratings: Oggie 7, Paul 7, Anne 7, Tel 7, Boog 4
Winner(s): Oggie