10-Oct-2006All month

The strangest thing happened in this game. Two people got a positive score. Usually we struggle to get a single person out of the negatives.

Quite how Boog managed this, I'm not sure, as he seemed to be unable to count. "That's at least four yellows!" he would proclaim, only to be proved wrong on the count. Well, perhaps I do know how he managed this. He usually didn't actually make a challenge after one of these assertions - he left that to Oggie. Who came last. Was it all just a cunning bluff? Who knows, but Oggie will no doubt be more wary next time.

Tel on the other hand, seemed to have a knack of, usually, getting the call just right.

8's across the board. How can such a simple game be so entertaining? For me, it's the opportunity to really press your luck and see if you can get away with it. And, of course, to lay as many sets of four as possible to the incredulous groans of "Not again!"

 Comment by Boog 
One secret to this game is exactly that. Telling everyone how many yellows you *think* there are, and letting someone else get it wrong.
Of course if you never challenge you're unlikely to get much of a score at all.
My biggest mistake on this one was having successfully counted 8 purples go down, challenging on what I thought was a limit of 6.
Of course the dot at the "top" of the 6 turned it into a 9, and unsurprisingly I lost.
Probably need to pay closer attention next time :)
Scores: Tel 1, Boog 1, Paul -2, Steve -3, Oggie -5
Ratings: Tel 8, Boog 8, Paul 8, Steve 8, Oggie 8
Winner(s): Tel, Boog