05-Nov-2006All month
Der Untergang von Pompeji

Not having Oggie around, we thought it would be safe to play Pompeji. How wrong we were.

Oggie, you see, has an unnatural ability to bend the laws of space and time in such a way that cards and tiles star tto misbehave. Utterly misbehave. The effect he always has on this game is that he always gets all of the Omen cards. While this doesn't make him any friends, it does have the efect of skewing the distribution of the people in the volcano prior to it erupting. But as he wasn't around, we were looking forward to finding out how the game must play for other people. Well, our hopes were dashed when the cards still decided to play tricks. After Tel drew an early one, we had a long, long run without any at all. Then suddenly Andy drew a series of them, followed by the volcano. The rest of course followed the volcano. We had shuffled. Honestly. Oggie can obviously affect the cards from a distance.

It seemed Andy had also been drawing an unnaturally handy set of placement cards, as by the time the volcano erupted he seemed to be in control of half of Pompeji. Of course, it helped that he'd despatched most of the inhabitants of the other half to fiery oblivion. So naturally, when the lava started to flow, it was Get Tel. Tel? Well, yes. He got the first Omen card and we never really forgave him for that. And it wasn't as if we really had to work to Get Andy. He had men pretty much everywhere so he couldn't avoid collatoral damage. Steve, on the other hand, had only managed to get a pitiful few men onto the board and found himself getting off pretty much scott free. Even without our "help", eh'd managed to get them all back off the board before the lava really got up a head of steam. Which was just as well, as it didn't take us long to flood all of the exits, consigning everybody remaining to doom.

Andy won. Obviously. The surprising thing was how close it actually was at the end.
Scores: Andy 9, Steve 8, Tel 7, Paul 7
Ratings: Andy 7, Steve 7, Tel 8, Paul 8
Winner(s): Andy