27-Feb-2007All month
Der Untergang von Pompeji

Unusual game this time. For once, Oggie didn't get all of the omen cards. In fact Paul and Tel seemed to have most of them. As they both seemed determined to place their men on a particularly favourable spot, they found themselves mainly targetting each other. Naturally, Boog and Oggie were happy to sit back and watch the fun. As Oggie seemed to be doing too well out of this, the game changed to Get Oggie for the latter omen cards, and especially in the second half of the game. The lava, however, wasn't helping this task very much. Despite the best efforts of the other three of us, we couldn't quite scorch enough of his men, giving him a narrow victory.

Judging by the scores, we're still enjoying this game of two halves. Shame the first half isn't as much fun as the second though.
Scores: Oggie 10, Boog 9, Tel 8, Paul 7
Ratings: Oggie 8, Boog 7, Tel 8, Paul 7
Winner(s): Oggie