15-Jan-2002All month
David and Goliath

And so with six of us we decided to try another new trick taking game for the group. David and Goliath provides a few twists to the usual rules. Firstly although you must follow suit if possible, there is no penalty if you cant. Favour is given to the last card played to resolve ties. The highest card played wins the trick and claims everyone elses card, however the lowest card played claims the winning card. And finally into scoring, for each colour where you have won more then 2 cards you score for the number of cards won. However for the colours where you have on won 1 or 2 cards you score their value.

Into the game, Boog got off to a flier, helped by a handful of low cards and being able to play last for many hands. It was only due to winning the last hand that he didnt score a huge total having to make do with 90. A lot of the fun of this game is seeing people expressions as they realise their 2 cards worth 30+ points is now 3 cards worth 3 points. Oggie seemed to struggle with this during the middle of each hand but a special mention has to go out to Kev by managing to perfect the art of ruining his score by winning the last hand on a few occasions.

As the game progressed 3 battles emerged. Tel trying to claw back the Boog, Paul and Oggie battling for mid table supremacy, and Kev and Steve fighting to avoid the wooden spoon. The final scores came through and Steve won his battle with Kev, Oggie overtook Paul on the last hand to claim third and after a re-count Boog held on to the lead hed held throughout the game by a single point.

Given that the group are fans of Hattrick it was no real surprise that this one was also a hit. However since we played the suggested 6 rounds (1 round per player), the game did take just under 2 hours to play. In future well probably restrict it to a couple of rounds.

Final Scores
Boog 345, Tel 344, Oggie 261, Paul 220, Steve 198, Kev 168

Boog 9, Tel 9, Oggie 8, Paul 7, Steve 8, Kev 7
Scores: Boog 345, Tel 344, Oggie 261, Paul 220, Steve 198, Kev 168
Ratings: Boog 9, Tel 9, Oggie 8, Paul 7, Steve 8, Kev 7
Winner(s): Boog