26-Feb-2002All month
David and Goliath

Finished the evening with the, low wins highest card, highest card wins the rest, trick taking game. Because you only score face value for cards where you have only won one or two cards in that colour, it is often very difficult to determine who is likely to win, as a bad last hand can ruin a score.

Possibly because this was the last game of four in a busy session, this was not as vicious as previous games. In previous games everyone seemed intent on ruining everyone elses score often at the expense of their own score. The game didnt play this way with only a couple of hands getting nasty ( Boog has threatened to spend the whole of the next game in a vendetta against Steve - which should be fun). Tel managed to quietly accumulate a reasonable score in the first round. Everyone complained of a bad hand in the 2nd round. Paul looked favourite for the round going into the last hand, however the fates transpired against him as he won the last round spoiling his score, Steve also won with the lowest card taking a high card he didnt want. This gave Boog the round but Tel won the game by a large margin from Steve, Paul and Boog all close together.

Paul scored the game down due to the lack of nastiness, but it didnt seem to detract from the game for everyone else.
Tel 57 + 38 = 95
Steve 37 + 26 = 63
Paul 35 + 27 = 62
Boog 19 + 40 = 59

Final Ratings
Tel 8, Steve 8, Paul 6, Boog 8
Scores: Tel 95, Steve 63, Paul 62, Boog 59
Ratings: Tel 8, Steve 8, Paul 6, Boog 8
Winner(s): Tel