17-Jan-2002All month

And to end the night a game of Bohnanza. The game where players are Bean farmers trying to trade, plant and harvest beans in their two fields. This one hasnt hit the table for a while. With three we thought there may be a lot less trading. While there was a reduction in trading since less players wanting the cards on offer, there was still enough to make the game work.

After Diversifying in the previous game of the session, Tel had a change of tactics by Specialising in Cowboy Beans. He had Cowboys in one field for most of the game and they provided him with over half his score. Of course they take so long to score that while he was collecting these both Paul and Boog were steadily harvesting the more profitable beans. Both Paul and Boog managed to harvest 3 of the lucrative Angry beans for 3 coins. Interestingly despite there being only three of us nobody bought a 3rd field showing that there was enough trading going on to avoid too many unwanted harvests.

In the final tally Boog claimed the game from Paul with Tel getting the wooden spoon. We all enjoyed bohnanza but it was no match for the other two games of the night.

Final Scores
Boog 24, Paul 21, Tel 19

Only 7s for everyone.
Scores: Boog 24, Paul 21, Tel 19
Ratings: Boog 7, Paul 7, Tel 7
Winner(s): Boog