02-Apr-2002All month
6 Nimmt!

We werent sure who was going to turn up so decided to start with a quick game of 6 Nimmt. The cards are numbered 1 - 104 and score depending on how many bulls heads they have. Four cards are laid face up in the middle of the table, these start the 4 rows which will be played ascending from these start cards. Each player then plays a card face down which are all turned face up together. The cards are played in ascending order. There are 3 rules regarding placement. 1- If the card is lower then the end card in all 4 rows, that player takes all the cards in any row replacing the row with their card. 2- The card must be played adjacent to the highest card that is lower then this card. 3- If the placement of this card takes a row above 5 cards, the player takes the whole row replacing it with their card. The first player to score 65 bulls heads ends the game with the lowest score winning.

Kev and Susan hadnít seen this before, but thatís no big disadvantage in 6 Nimmt as Susan quickly showed. While Paul and Andy, both veterans of the game, averaged about 18 a hand over the 4 rounds (72 and 74), Susan averaged less then 8 to finish with 31, a score matched by Tel. Kev finished in third on 64.

6 Nimmt is not a game for the deep thinker. Your random draw of 10 cards can win or lose a game but then again so can your opponents actions. This said the game is good fun.

Final Scores
Susan 31, Tel 31, Kev 64, Paul 72, Andy 74

Ratings / 10
Paul 7, Tel 7, Kev 7, Susan 8, Andy 7
Scores: Andy 74, Paul 72, Kev 64, Tel 31, Susan 31
Ratings: Andy 7, Paul 7, Kev 7, Tel 7, Susan 8
Winner(s): Tel, Susan