06-May-2002All month

Our second outing with the new English cards. We broke the rules a little by replacing 3 of the originals using the Witch (we definitely prefer this to the Assasin), the Emperor, the Abbot and introducing the Artist as the ninth card.

Andy, who seems to have a bad streak of luck with this game, got off to a bad start losing a turn to the witch and losing his early 2 districts to the warlord (they were the only 1 pointers in the game at the time). He claimed vengence on one and all when he got the crown. He somehow managed to deal the Emperor face down 3 deals running to keep hold of the crown while selecting either the Warlord, or the Witch who enchanted the Warlord, and destroyed some BIG buildings. Having claimed his revenge he then knuckled down to some building. While this was going on Oggie was repeatedly given what shall be forever termed Ogdens Choice of the last 2 cards. The new cards were obviously popular as only the artist of the new cards ever made it that far.

Steve with the advantage of having second pick for a large chunk of the game managed to be the first to complete 8 districts after building 2 small districts ( with the Architect) in the last hand. Although his districts were all relatively small the bonuses for 8 districts and for all 5 colours was enough to win him the game. Paul just beat Tel for second with Andy close behind in 4th. Oggie claimed the wooden spoon.

The game seemed to play in just over the hour and was enjoyed by most, though Andy is still not keen. The new cards do add more variety to the game.

Final Scores
Steve 27, Paul 24, Tel 23, Andy 21, Oggie 18

Ratings / 10
Steve 7, Paul 7, Tel 8, Andy 5, Oggie 7
Scores: Steve 27, Paul 24, Tel 23, Andy 21, Oggie 18
Ratings: Steve 7, Paul 7, Tel 8, Andy 5, Oggie 7
Winner(s): Steve