18-Jun-2002All month

We played a couple of 6 player games tonioght, Vabanque took the table first. The game of bluff, gambling and cheating. The aim of the game is to have obtained the most money after visiting 4 casino tables, by legitimate gambling or cheating. The four rounds consist of placing money of some of the 12 tables, then playing your 3 cards, moving to a table and then reaping the rewards ( or not as the case may be). Money is left on the tables after each round so the tables get more lucrative as the game goes on. The 3 cards are played face down by the tables and either do nothing, increase the value of the table or attempt to cheat the players there. When it comes to moving a piece can move upto 4 tables clockwise.

We have found that earnings in the first 2 rounds of the game are pretty inconsequential when it comes to the final tally, however the first 2 rounds do serve to identify the lucrative tables, and allow players to jostle for position. Its in the last 2 rounds that the money starts to get serious and a bit more thought is needed before placing the cards. Andy had built up a lead in the first 2 rounds and was still only just behind Steve after the third round. However the last round wasnt kind and he finished the game back in fourth with just over half of the winners total. Oggie had managed to acquire just 15k from the first 3 rounds but put that to right by winning 330k in the last round, however Steve claimed a comprehensive victory. Tels strategy of not moving from the first table failed miserably.

This is a game that seems to have slipped under the radar of most people. While its not a game full of deep and intricate tactics it does provide a very entertaining way of spending 30-40 minutes with up to 6 players. The poker chips provided do add to the atmosphere. Well recomended.

Final Scores
Steve 1050k, Kev 980k, Paul 895k, Andy 550k, Oggie 345k, Tel 140k

Steve 8, Kev 8, Paul 8, Andy 8, Oggie 7, Tel 7
Scores: Steve 1050, Kev 950, Paul 895, Andy 550, Oggie 345, Tel 140
Ratings: Steve 8, Kev 8, Paul 8, Andy 8, Oggie 7, Tel 7
Winner(s): Steve