23-Jun-2002All month
David and Goliath

An enjoyable afternoon of games was brought to a close by a few hands of David and Goliath. The trick taking game of Low takes high card High card takes rest, with scoring occuring at face value of cards won if you won no more than 2 in a colour otherwise its 1 per card won in that colour.

We played first to 200 points. Tel got off to a flyer in the first round after two lucky wins in the last 2 tricks, but his scoring steadily reduced as the game went on. Andy managed to win 38 of the 90 cards in the first round but still only got the fourth best score. After the second round Oggie had acquired the miserly total of 34 to be over 30 points adrift of 5th place. Boog was playing very consistently scoring over 50 in each round. Into the third round and Oggie suddenly decided to play scoring a big total however Boog was still averaging over 50. Oggie managed an even bigger total in the fourth round to break through the 200 barrier however Boog managed yet another 50+ score to take the game.

A game that always goes down well at the end of a session within the group as players are given the opportunity to screw up fellow players.

Final Scores
Boog 209, Oggie 201, Steve 179, Andy 168, Tel 157, Paul 131

Ratings / 10
7s all round
Scores: Boog 209, Oggie 201, Steve 179, Andy 168, Tel 157, Paul 131
Ratings: Boog 7, Oggie 7, Steve 7, Andy 7, Tel 7, Paul 7
Winner(s): Boog