16-Jul-2002All month
Jack the Ripper

Boog caught the same train as Paul and Tel tonight so we decided to Play a game of Jack the Ripper instead of the usual Lost Cities. Wed never played this with 3 before, and in my personal opinion it makes it an even better game.

Rather then play to any set target, we kept playing until the train pulled in. Boog got off to a flyer, going out in both of the first two hands to open up a 40 point lead. Tel then claimed the 3rd hand to pull within 20 points, howver then fourth hand proved very painful to both Tel and Paul as Boog managed to go out extremely early with Tel only getting a couple of cards down and Paul not even managing that. The last hand got into a bit of a stalemate as Tel tried to go out early only to discover that no Victims had been played. Of course Paul and Boog then ensured that neither of them played any victims. However things were getting tense as everyone had a full hand of cards which could prove very costly if anyone managed to get out. Therefore eventually Paul decided to cut his losses Playing a victim and 2/3 of his cards. The Boog followed suit, leaving Tel to close out the hand but not score anywhere near as he should have done had he been paying attention.

Unlike the 2 player version, where each player gets an opportunity at every discarded card, the 3 player game has the frustration of seeing cards you want disappear into the discard deck with no way of rescuing them without playing one of the 5 Scene cards. This added an extra dimension to the game.

Final Scores
Boog 113, Tel 83, Paul 32

Ratings / 10
8s all round
Scores: Boog 113, Tel 83, Paul 32
Ratings: Boog 8, Tel 8, Paul 8
Winner(s): Boog