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7 Wonders

A nice little game which is easier to play then learn the rules! Generally you play with the players to the left and right of you in mind as they can affect your victory points and ability to earn gold. Shafting comes from playing Military cards in an effort to gain more than your adjacent players earning you more victory points and them minus points. Shaft both of those players and you get double. If they are shafted either side they get double minus points.

The game balances out by having cost mechanisms to play cards based on resources which you either have or have to pay to use those your adjacent players own. A nice little game but as usual, one that I can't maximise my VPs on... :C

 Comment by Paul 
There's a bit of shatfing in making sure your neighbour doesn't get his mits on those juicy cards he's after too - eg building or discarding that nice green card which would have given him a ton of points.

Unless your name is Chrissy, of course :-)
Scores: Paul 60, Tel 58, Joe 53, Steve 49, Chrissy 45, Frank 40
Ratings: Paul 8, Tel 8, Joe 8, Steve 7, Chrissy 8, Frank 7
Winner(s): Paul


This game seemed to offer multiple ways to ruin the scoring for players by allowing the collection of a number of different coloured god cards which then were scored based on the last score card placed against each colour (between 0 and 5).

The round finished when all 6 score cards are placed against a particular colour.

Thor proved to be less of a shafting game than expected, due to the amount of times that people ran with the cards that others took for themselves, for fear of choosing the wrong colour or set of colours.

Chrissy won due to Frank scotching a colour by placing a 0 against it at the end of the round.
Scores: Chrissy 70, Joe 68, Frank 66, Paul 65, Steve 60
Ratings: Chrissy 8, Joe 7, Frank 7, Paul 8, Steve 7
Winner(s): Chrissy